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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Monster Alphabet!

Oohna Oglethorpe ordered oodles of olives.
Piper Pepperburg proudly proved Pythagorean principles.
Rion Rampion raised remarkable rodeo rabbits.

A Monster Alphabet, by Jozen Aldrich, is finished, printed, and for sale! 56 pages, color cover, hand sewn. Six dollars plus shipping. We've sold most of the first batch but will print another. Email me at to order copies.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

some Lily Queen illustrations

Sold only at the Marketplace Cafe, now extinct: “Customers snapped pictures, shook hands, gave hugs, shed tears -- and, of course, ate soup --Friday at the Marketplace Cafe…The cafe, located in the center of Thornes, is closing after a dispute around possible upgrades for the cafe failed to be worked out between Connolly and Thornes owner Douglas Kohl.” Copies of the book are still available! I think! I will print and sew you a copy! $6! RIP Marketplace Cafe.