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Monday, February 16, 2015

I've recently gotten re-obsessed with the X-Files, due mostly to discovering Kumail Nanjiani's fantastic podcast, The X-Files Files. It's been really fun to watch the show from the beginning of the series and then listen to excellent and hilarious commentary on each episode. Watching the show again has made me want to expand on the Scully portrait that I made for the Omg, I'm Gay zine, and so far I've drawn Mulder and a version of his I Want to Believe poster.

And this guy, from Jose Chung's "From Outer Space":

The dead are eating

I did this illustration as a collaboration with my pal and amazing writer Justine--I made a drawing inspired by her short story All Hallows Eve: The Dead are Eating, and she is working on a story inspired by one of my drawings (soon to come). 

Here's an excerpt from All Hallows Eve:

"It's all part of the wondering. Is there a part of us that is vaporous--detachable--to which our physical body is just an appendage?
In this culture that is terrified of mortality, I think there is something older in us that is not. I think children feel it when they put on death's clothes and run away with the reaper. What could be a better adventure, honestly, than to rove around nighttime with the traveling dead?"

Read the full story here.

bunnies in love

family portrait

Thursday, February 12, 2015

OMG, I'm Gay

I was very lucky to be the first illustrator and designer for a new zine series called Better Together, a collaboration between Autostraddle and Everyone Is Gay. Below are some of my favorite drawing from it (I got to do nine illustrations in total). The issue is about coming out to yourself, which was a really fun subject to try to illustrate. Read more about it (and get it) here


Pen & ink insect series:

honey bee

blue bottle fly

spur-throated grasshopper

garden tiger moth

stag beetle

And a watercolor of the rhinoceros beetle's life cycle, ft. the grub, the pupa, and the adult:

As a pupa, the rhinoceros beetle breathes but doesn't eat. It lives underground and moves very little. The structures of the adult insect are being formed inside of the pupal skin. When the developed adult emerges from this skin, it is soft and fragile, and only once its exoskeleton hardens will it dig its way out of the earth.

Recent cats

The cat's pajamas

Khaki & Rhubarb

& other creatures


snake tangle


megafauna transportation


The Seer: Pictured here is a "seer," a large, slug-like creature cover in fur and a multitude of eyes. Each eye is attached to a flexible stalk that is extendable and retractable. Seers can look in any direction at once and are able to process a large amount of visual information effectively.
   Perhaps because of this ability, seers spend much of their lives gazing at the sky, at the sea, at the stars, studying minute details, and admiring vast vistas. They are renowned thinkers and poets.  
   Unfortunately, this seer has become infected with "the blot," an affliction in which the spores of a parasitic fungus feed on the tissue of a seer's eyes. The spaceman in this picture is removing the infection as a gesture of goodwill towards the creatures of the planet.