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Thursday, February 12, 2015

& other creatures


snake tangle


megafauna transportation


The Seer: Pictured here is a "seer," a large, slug-like creature cover in fur and a multitude of eyes. Each eye is attached to a flexible stalk that is extendable and retractable. Seers can look in any direction at once and are able to process a large amount of visual information effectively.
   Perhaps because of this ability, seers spend much of their lives gazing at the sky, at the sea, at the stars, studying minute details, and admiring vast vistas. They are renowned thinkers and poets.  
   Unfortunately, this seer has become infected with "the blot," an affliction in which the spores of a parasitic fungus feed on the tissue of a seer's eyes. The spaceman in this picture is removing the infection as a gesture of goodwill towards the creatures of the planet.

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