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Monday, January 10, 2011

Settlers of the Tidal Pool

Here is the Settlers of the Tidal Pool (a version of Settlers of Catan) that I've spent the last month and a half illustrating and constructing (for Jozen)!

Here are some of the illustrations for it (done in watercolor):

the boxes:

the hexagonal octopus box that I made for the tiles

inside the other box

some of the finished cards

the board in use

I also made a companion guide booklet about intertidal creatures to go alone with it. Here are a few of the pages from that:

The first round with Jozen, Paige, and Maloy was a success!


  1. Are you considering selling these? They'd make a BIG HIT. I know I want a couple!

  2. Selling a re-themed version of a commercial game would be a big NO!-NO! in most places.

    But I like what you have done :-)

  3. Yes no plans to sell it! This was a Christmas gift and will be the only copy.

  4. You should show it to the designer, German game-makers seem to be pretty openminded people and will be excited to see your ideas...